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Advanced & Reliable 
High-Tech Hearing

Cutting through background noise and understanding speech can seem impossible. With our latest hearing aid technology, you're guaranteed to see improvement.


Results You Can Trust

01. The Latest Technology

Not only do we carry the latest advanced hearing aid technology, we also carry every major hearing aid brand. This offering gives you the power of choice and allows us to find the best custom solution for your hearing loss. 

02. Cost-Effective

Our mission is to keep hearing healthcare affordable. That's why we offer several ways to purchase or subscribe to our care. 

03. Verified Results

We offer every technology from every major brand that you can take home to try before you purchase. This allows you to determine whether a hearing aid is right for you. We then verify your setting using Real Ear Measurement to make sure you're meeting your prescription. 

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Instant Fit


Ai Assistant


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NEW Starkey Livio Ai 2400


Fall Detection

Body Tracking

Language Translation

In-Ear Reminders


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Prices Include Unlimited Aftercare and Support

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More sound to the brain


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Google Review | Current Patient

My husband's hearing had been degenerating for the past few years. We went to a Dr. last year but were in $$$ shock and then COVID hit. We decided we just needed to move forward and get things taken care of with his hearing. A family member recommended a certain brand of hearing aids. Looked up the nearest facility to us and found Trusted Hearing. Phillip took such great care of us. He is HONEST, TRUSTWORTHY and truly cares for his patients. I was literally in tears to see my husband smile and say, I can hear you!! Thank you Phillip!!!


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